Budget 2017-18 changes from taxation point of view



All of you must be aware of Union Budget 2017-18 ……


Let me simplify it from taxation point of view:




  • Earlier for an individual who earns more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs a year but less than Rs. 5 lakhs a year, the rate of income tax was 10% but in this budget Govt has reduced rate of 10 % to 5 %. Thus reducing taxation burden.
  • Surcharge @ 10% would be payable by individuals whose taxable income falls between Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs 1 Crore.
  • Income tax return will be simplified for an individual whose taxable income is below Rs. 5 Lakhs and having no business income.


For Businessmen


  • Earlier only presumptive taxation limit was increased to rs 2 crores from Rs. 1 Crore. It means, earlier persons having turnover of Rs. 2 crore or more cannot opt for presumptive taxation scheme.
  • But in Budget 2017-18, relief has been given to small tax payers by increasing the threshold limit to Rs 2 crore for tax Audit u/s 44AB of Income Tax Act.
  • MAT credit forward period extended from 10 years to 15 years period.
  • Presumptiive taxation scheme, rate of 8 % of turnover is reduced to 6 % of turnover (this turnover must be by non cash means).
  • No cash transaction above Rs. 3 Lakhs would be allowed in cash

For Political Parties

  • A political party can accept cash donation upto Rs. 2000/- from one person. This is maximum limit for cash donation.
  • There is no limit for donation by cheque or digtal mode.
  • From now, it is compulsory for every political party to file income tax return.

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