How to Crack password of a password protected excel sheet

Hello friends,



 Today I am going to share with u a very useful trick



With the help of this trick you can open a password protected excel sheet even without the password.


For simplicity,


I am going to create a fresh excel sheet


Now I am going to protect it by choosing a password


Now see it, it is password protected.



Now the game starts



Open this excel sheet


Use this combination of keys   Alt + F11, this will open up Developer window


Now  on the top, click on “insert” menu then click “ Module”


Now copy paste the code I have give in description box


Now close this window





 click on “View menu” in the opened excel sheet.



Now on the right most side click macros, click on “ view macros”  and now



click on macro named “ Password breaker”



It will take few seconds and here is the magic,




Your password is broken




Now you can edit data without any restrictions




So frinds this tutorial is just for information purpose




Pls dnt misuse it.


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